Friday: Living Sustainably

Meet people who are greening their lifestyles in fascinating ways: urban beekeeping, green computing, sustainable wardrobes, feminine hygiene and renewable energy. And stay ’til evening to meet Bea Johnson, the celebrated author of Zero Waste Home.

Campus Saint-Jean

11h30 à 13h
Portes-ouvertes au laboratoire de chimie / Chemistry Lab Open House
MCM 3-51 (Campus Saint-Jean)

Venez visiter notre laboratoire de chimie!  Nous sommes un des quatre laboratoires verts modèles de l’Université de l’Alberta en raison de nos nombreuses initiatives concernant le développement durable en laboratoire.  Venez découvrir comment il est possible de ”verdir” un laboratoire de chimie. Étudiants et membres du personnel, avec ou sans connaissances en sciences, sont tous les bienvenus.

14h à 15h
Projection du film documentaire: Quatre millions de fils – L’industrie du textile au Bangladesh
1-70 MCM (Campus Saint-Jean)

Imaginez que vous quittez votre village natal pour habiter un logement d’une pièce avec un mari que vous connaissez à peine. Vous travaillez avec 5,000 autres femmes dans une usine où, chaque jour, vous cousez 180 fermetures éclair sur 180 chandails. Vous êtes la première femme de votre famille à gagner un salaire, mais vous pouvez à peine subsister. Bienvenue dans la réalité de Monira et d’innombrables autres ouvrières de la florissante industrie du vêtement au Bangladesh — un milieu complexe où se heurtent les choix difficiles et les valeurs contradictoires. Un monde créé pour répondre aux exigences des consommateurs et des détaillants de mode occidentaux. Quatre millions de fils – l’industrie du textile au Bangladesh vous invite à découvrir ce monde.

MacEwan University

11 a.m.–1 p.m.
So You Think You Can Sustain
Table, Building 6 (MacEwan University)

How well do you know sustainability? Drop by this booth to compete with your friends in a fun, but challenging quiz game. Show off your knowledge of sustainability issues and your awareness of campus resources. Compete for a coveted spot at the acad-.. No wait, forget the academy. You’ll just win some great prizes and have the chance to calculate your own carbon footprint.

12–1 p.m.
Urban Beekeeping Tour
Meet on main floor of Building 5 (MacEwan University)

You’re invited to join MacEwan University’s Office of Sustainability for an Urban Beekeeping Tour! During this tour, guests will explore the bee hotel and rooftop beehives that were installed in 2016. Through a general overview, learn interesting facts about pollinators like honeybees and how you can get involved in food security initiatives at MacEwan and at home. The tour will run for approximately 50 minutes to allow for questions and discussion.

North Campus

11 a.m.–12 p.m.
Hempact: Sustainability in Feminine Hygiene
Business 3-10

Why are many feminine hygiene products so wasteful? Pads, plugs, and applicators take thousands of years to decompose, and since almost 50% of the population go through menstruation, this create an excessive amount of waste that not many are aware of. Come learn about this issue and find out how this group of students is using hemp fibers to bring an environmentally-friendly alternative to the market.

About Enactus: Enactus uses the power of social entrepreneurship to transform lives and shape a more sustainable future within our local communities. We are a community of inspired student, academic, and business leaders collaborating to target global challenges and bring about meaningful and lasting change in the world.

12–1 p.m.
Green Computing 101
B-11A, Cameron Library

The computing and IT industry is indispensable and has revolutionized the ways that individuals, businesses and societies communicate, work and connect. However, its impact on the environment is massive, with billions of machines operating daily, and a constant stream of manufacturing and equipment disposal. So what can you do to help? This workshop will give you a high level overview of the lifecycle of a computer, and provide practical tips that you can use to reduce the environmental impact of your electronics both on and off campus.

The Technology Training Centre has generously donated a door prize to be given away at this workshop: a $200 gift certificate for courses offered by the TTC.

Organized by Energy Management and Sustainable Operations (EMSO), Supply Management Services (SMS), Information Services and Technology (IST), and the Technology Training Centre (TTC)

1–2 p.m.
Sustainable Energy and Hydrogen Fuel Cells
Tory Breezeway W-2

Come meet members of the University of Alberta Ecocar team, as they show you how students can collaborate to address some of the biggest systemic issues in sustainability. Learn about the sustainability of hydrogen production, the efficiency and feasibility of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and Ecocar members’ experiences as students working with a developing technology.

2:30–4 p.m.
Bea Johnson: Afternoon talk
BUS 3-5

Since 2008, Bea Johnson and her family have embraced a zero-waste lifestyle, producing only one jar of trash per year. With her blog and bestselling book Zero Waste Home, Bea has become a leading spokesperson for the zero waste lifestyle. With speeches in over 50 countries, her audiences include Google, Starbucks and the United Nations. She is a French native living in California.

4–5 p.m.
Debating Sustainability
SAB 1-36

University of Alberta Debate Society is putting on a show debate. Come see seasoned arguments for and against a controversial sustainability topic. After the debate, we will have a conversation with the audience about the topic.

6:30–8:30 p.m.
SAW Open Mic/Networking
Dewey’s Pub, North Power Plant

Please join with staff and volunteers to celebrate another successful Sustainability Awareness Week. We will host an evening of live music, spoken word poetry, and networking with like-minded sustainability enthusiasts. Refreshments and pub fare will be available for purchase.

7–8:30 p.m.
Bea Johnson: Zero Waste Lifestyle
ECHA 2-490

In a visually-rich and upbeat presentation, Bea Johnson shares her tribulations and secrets to achieving zero waste. Since 2008, Bea and her family have embraced a zero-waste lifestyle, producing only one jar of trash per year. With her blog and bestselling book Zero Waste Home, Bea has become a leading spokesperson for the zero waste lifestyle.

Bea talks about her personal journey with humour and infectious passion and her non-judgmental approach will inspire self-reflection and change. Meet Bea Johnson and take home practical solutions to living simply, reducing waste, and—most importantly—finding happiness in our consumerist society.